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Are you tired of browsing through endless website and document content to find the answers you need? Say goodbye to information overload and hello to - the revolutionary Chrome extension that transforms the way you interact with the web.

🚀 The Future of Web Browsing is Here

Chapa leverages cutting-edge AI technology to provide you with a seamless browsing experience and improve work with documents. Our smart extension can work with websites, documents and lets you communicate via a chat interface to ask questions, summarize, read documents and etc...

Ask Questions

Engage with Chapa's chat interface to quickly find the information you're looking for. In Ai knowledge, across internet, or in provided documents and websites.

Work With Documents

Upload your pdf, docx and etc to Chapa and chat about them: summarize, ask questions, compare documents.

Work With Web

Upload web page and get Q&A based on actual knowledge

Grammar & Punctuation Check

Say goodbye to typos and errors with Chapa's real-time grammar and punctuation checker that keeps your writing sharp in any text field.

Compose Text

Craft compelling text, swiftly reply to emails, effortlessly generate engaging copy, and produce captivating newsletters and blogs, all within moments.

Customize Your Web Assistant

Easily customize prompts, settings, language, and more.

🐶 Chapa's use cases

What is Web Access?

Upload document or webpage and start Chat about

Simple pricing plans

We are committed to a unique, cutting-edge approach to pricing



  • 1 Chat about document
  • GPT-3.5 - Unlimited
  • Context Aware
  • Text generator - Unlimited
  • All Base Assistants
  • Magic button
  • Summary websites


€12 p/m
  • All from Basic version
  • Unlimited access to GPT-4
  • Web access for any chats
  • 10 "Chats About" and till 5 documents in one chat
  • "Chats About" website
  • Summary in the chat
  • Summarize and extract from PDFs and DOCXs
  • Generating Unique Assistants
  • Unlimited Magic answer
  • Unlimited Magic button
  • Interview coach
  • Language tutor
  • School teacher
  • Support

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